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The advanced vision of research is concerned with the latest scientific methods for managing agricultural activities through specialized cadres at the highest level of competence and experience
Modern International Company is a company specialized in the establishment of tree sectors and model farms with advanced methods and modern systems that keep pace with investment life

Where is Nagwana Company

Farm management for profit

We provide all the administrative services of the farms for the purpose of making profits as follows:
• Providing technical management and supervision for all types of crops in a way that aims to achieve profits.
• Create a book cycle and accounting management to serve the purpose of achieving profits.
• Provide a detailed feasibility study in case of establishing new sectors.
• Establishing the agricultural sectors on a modern scientific basis, which leads to success and maximum returns in the shortest possible time.
• Supply all farm requirements according to the standard quality specifications.
• Providing legal contracts for all services provided including all details and objectives to be achieved.

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address : Sixth District, Sixth of October
phone : 01000935041 - 01100447521
telephone : 01000935041 - 01100447521